Meet the Team

Julian Noel, founder, vision holder, leader, connector. Presenter. Consultant. Coach. Facilitator. Maker of unreasonable requests. Sacred Activist.

Andrey Tamarchenko, creative director. Artist, educator, mystic, designer of Shine’s foundational methodologies.

James Curtis, graphics and communications. A soulful man with a deep wisdom and understanding of how to communicate beyond words and pictures.

Shuba Paheerathan, social media advisor, and strategist.

Abby Dobson, head of Shine Ambassadors.

Holly Davis, director of food, chef, foodie, author, caterer, teacher and best friend.

Leigh Wood, music director, DJ, co-developer of Shine music.

Rosemary, Terri, Peggy, and the gorgeous ones from The Academy of Light, who offer tireless shiney golden support

Documentary and film-maker: Rachael Thornton, documentary film-maker, one of the most beautiful and generous women on the planet.

Sam Ferriere online engagement, web design, and online communications.

Paul Harvey, SEO, and online strategy

Thanks go out to these generous shining souls who offered and cajoled and harassed and annoyed and loved me whilst  I made so many horrendous mistakes, may you continue to shine even more brightly: Jacqueline Murphy, Maggie Hamilton, Jutka Freiman, Antoinette Sampson, Rob Sampson, Jono Fisher, Petrea King, Maree Knight, Bob Bunshaft, John Broadbent, Maurice Goldberg,Terry Macarthur, Andrew McKeracher, Anatole Kononewsky, Lynn Champion, Jason Snaddon, Sonia Friedrich, Kate Walker, Lekki Maze, Deborah Nance, Shakti Durga, Lloyd Hart, Michael Stone, Vicki Hansen, Ron Ragel, Doug deVito, Rhondah Whitaker, Carl Scrase, Dr. Neil Hare, Mandy Payne, Kim Townsend, Gisela Wendling, Caroline McIvor, Gisele Gambi, Natalie Armstrong, Aurora Pagonis, Weng Keong Wong, Muneesh Wadhwa, Louise Walker, Nicolas Perrin, Michael Wynter, Benny Callahan, Anne Gorman.