Straight from the heart

Our free gift to you…..

“The Power of Yes”

by Julian Noel, Founder of Shine.

Discover 9 words that enable you to bring your best into the world.

“The only Revolution that can really change the world is the one in your own consciousness.”~ russell brand, comedian, author, actor

Shine provides the meeting ground for powerful conversation.

There’s a like minded spirit gathering. It’s new. It feels consciously good. Attracting innovators who want to bring their ideas into light. New ways of seeing and being are exposed. Entrepreneurial enterprise arises that puts people before profit, planet before personal ~ for the benefit of all.

Transformational entertainment with extraordinary change makers.

Their cutting-edge ideas are shaping the world. Ranging in subject, these ideas can lead us into new territory of experiential learning.

Being open and focused, you can recognize the core process. This validation gives rise to new courage that exposes your own ideas that flow easily into action.

The Shine community has arisen through unity.

What happens when there is a common interest? What happens if it comes straight from the heart? It’s open and we gravitate towards it. It’s the ultimate collective in which to collaborate the sharing of ideas and social values.

Rigorous discussion takes place through forums, speaker events, ‘round tables’. Partnership. Strategic alliance. All in the spirit of unity.

Are you going to Shine?

“Making money is mechanical, once you know the machine you can make as much money as you like. The question is, what do you want to make money for?” ~ julio de laffitte. founder of jdl strategies

“The idealism of Love is the new realism of business. By building Respect and inspiring Love, business can move the world.” ~ kevin roberts, global ceo saatchi & saatchi